Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Roller Derby Round Up

Last night was all about aggressive jamming! After a little warm up (we had to skate 6 laps in 5 minutes, which I managed! I focused on one person who I knew was fast and chased them! Haha!),  we moved on to some drills.

The first one involved the jammer starting from a lying down position. On the first whistle, the jammer had 4 seconds to get through the two blockers approx. 10 feet away from her before they walled back up. 4 seconds was pretty easy, 3 seconds was harder, but I managed it the first time :D I also managed an epic fall on my left arse cheek after my wheels got clipped, lol.

For the next round of drills, we had to practice getting through a tight wall as a jammer or blocker who had been herded. We were shown some techniques such as wiggling your shoulder through or hip checking through. I mainly tried these two as I seemed to be getting some success using them, depending on who was in the wall. However, when my time came to block....oh dear...I really need to work on my anchoring and small plough stops. I was getting better towards the end of the session, but it's something I really need to work on if I want to be a better blocker. I also fell backwards AGAIN when my wifey clipped my wheels...I need to keep my weight more towards the front, or I'm gona need a new helmet soon...

POSITIVES - I think I'm getting quicker :D
WORK ON - anchoring, small plough stops.