Monday, 17 December 2012

Monday Makes

Haven't updated ye old blog for a few weeks, however, top of my "to do list for 2013" (not going to do a resolution list, they always seem to fail miserably) is to post on my blog regularly.  Still ironing out exactly what I'd like to put in and what days, etc, but I always get some down time at work to think about these things ;)

One of the girls I skate with, Dita Von Cheeze (love love love that name! Not just because I love cheese....) had a house warming party a few weekends ago.  She decided to make it fancy dress and after a little thought, I came up with the idea of going as Pikachu:

(There was a little post on Facebook about what to go as and somebody mentioned we should try characters beginning with "P", which then got thrown out the window, but at least I knew what I was going as!).
I remembered one of the girls, Rufi, went to the FVRG Halloween party as Pikachu, but she had a onesie, and I really didn't want to have to pay too much for something I'll probably only wear once.  So I looked online and saw some DIY Pikachu ears and had a little brain wave (they do happen sometimes, often scaring me) - I have a pair of devil ears that I bought for our headshot photo shoot, I could just make a pair of Pikachu ears and stick them over the top!  So I headed for Remnant King in the town and found yellow and black felt squares that were perfect and only 70p each!  Sorted!
I've been having a small love affair with Hama beads lately (thanks to the lovely Deep Fried Pixxie who's blog, Skates and Stitches I follow, check it out!), so next on my costume list was a pokeball necklace.  Took all of five minutes to make, easy and cheap!  I bought a packet of jewellery loops from Hobbycraft (love that shop, so glad we have one now!) and my pokeball necklace was complete!  Facepaint later and a yellow t-shirt I bought from a charity shop on my Calendar outing with the momma, here's the final look (which is a little scary, but at least people knew who I was supposed to be, haha! Also why I'm not a fan of posting photos of myself.....):

 (Photo courtesy of Claire Brunton, our Chaos Faerie, Zenspirations Photography)

Oh yes, the lightning bolt earrings - a little gift from our bench team after For Whom The Skate Rolls in November, perfect :)

I've also been busy making christmas presents.  Now, I can't say all of what I've made, but here are a few that I can post.  Firstly, the cross stitch I did for the momma:

It took quite a while for such a small piece, but this is the first one I've done and I even had to do some back stitching (which I'm not 100% sure I did right) but I'm pretty pleased with him :)  It was so relaxing, I'm definitely going to try more in 2013.  Another great purchase from Hobbycraft.

And last but not least, a Zombie Hello Kitty magnet for my secret santa.  I got the pattern from, there's so many to chose from!

I'll post up my other makes after christmas.  Another big item on my "to do" list for next year is to craft more, so here's to more crafty posts in the coming year!