Monday, 30 December 2013

Monday Makes

So, after a few months of this:

And this:

I am finally back to feeling like myself again :) Ready to get back into the swing of things and kick start my blogging again!
(I may explain things in a later post, but today is just about all the lovely makes I've made whilst AWOL).

Where to start.....? I guess I'll start with how I'm doing on the Summer Stitching Club (yep, still haven't finished it and we've had the Autumn one AND now the Winter one has started.....).
My last post featured the ice lolly design, so here's what I've done so far:

All the hexagons have now been joined together and I'm just finishing off the last few instructions before it's done! My sister bought me a mini sewing machine for my birthday in November - I can't wait to use it for this!

I've also been busy making presents for other people. This (excuse the poor stitching, my first attempt!) for my nephew:

And got a little further with my nieces cross stitch:

And this for my awesome Wiggy wifey's birthday (pattern from Wild Olive's Friendship Week post):

And earrings for le momma. My aunty got her this gorgeous bracelet for her birthday back in March and she hadn't been able to find earrings to match. So after a lot of searching, I finally found beads to match (metallic petroleum blue is not as common as you'd think apparently). Then I hit Hobbycraft for some supplies and this is what I made. Not bad for a first attempt and possibly a new hobby:

And more recently, I made Xmas lucky pants badges for my Slay Belles Intraleague team (pattern taken from Bugs and Fishes Blog):

Whilst on the Xmas theme, I attempted my very first blanket stitch......:

And lastly, something that I look at every day, to remind me (pattern from Wild Olive's Let Go Of Your Kite post):