Friday, 25 May 2012


Wow, it's been almost 2 weeks since I last posted anything! This is not to say that I haven't been smiling, I just feel like I haven't had 5 minutes to sit down...

So, my week off was the laziest week off ever. I had so many plans, and as usual, the thought of getting an extra couple of hours in bed won instead.  I did visit my sister on Thursday - would have been a nice drive to Helensburgh had the weather not been crap, but still, nice to get out of the house.  Because the weather was so crap all week, I couldn't get out to skate.  And I never seemed to get any peace to focus on my crochet (I received my first copy of Lets Get Crafting Knit and Crochet, was so excited to get started!).  I think I need another week off!!

Monday made me think alot about things, mainly how there are some things in my life I'm not extremely happy about, but then I realised there's not much I can do about most of it, so I just have to plod on and try to keep smiling.  So as the day went on, I added some key points on how to do this:

1) Ignore thy father's rants (high impact ear defenders possibly required)
2) Add James Brown, Get Up Offa That Thing as my ringtone! (Thanks Mike).
3) Start the week as I mean to go on! Less stodge!
4) Bring iPod to work when I'm not driving, drown out all the stupid!
5) Stop letting the silly little things get to me
6) Stop dwelling on things that I can't change.
It helped on Monday, it really did.  Just gota keep thinking along these lines. Positive thinking!

Tuesday was fun scrimmy times! Had the butterflies again, not as bad as the first time though.  I only got to jam a few times, but I think my blocking is getting much better, and all that training is finally sinking in. I was also told my pack awareness was awesome :D  We did a little positive pow wow before hand, going around in a circle and telling the person on your left something good about them.  Jo told me I was a great jammer, nippy and quick xD It's always nice to hear good things, I'm never sure if my team mates think I'm an asset or a hindrence, lol.

Today, last "happy" backshift, then skatey fun times (the intermediates are sitting their mins tonight!), then straight home to sleep for an early shift tomorrow.  Then maybe my weekend can start. And I hope it's a good one.

Monday, 14 May 2012

No work for a week :D

Indeed, I have a week off! A greatly appreciated week off!! Time to recharge and chill.

Saturday, I woke up to my Lead Jammer competition goodies! Still trying to decide where I'm going to pop the stickers, but the t-shirt gives me an extra training top :D

The painful thought of work was numbed slightly by the fact that I had THE Fiercey party of the year later on, and I was working with Fergie, who always brightens the day with jokes and generally makes you feel better just with his presence, a good guy :)  He also gave me the shorter run in the evening, so I got finished nice and early and turned up to the party just after 8pm, so not too late.  It was the best night, so much fun, hilarity and lots of hugs!  Twister was hilarious!!

Met some awesome new people too - Sue's wife and Wee Zoomer's hubby, although the night went far too quickly and I felt like I didn't get to talk to some of the girls.  I also got dragged out afterwards to Storm....honestly thought when I was younger that I'd never miss going out, having a dance, but after Saturday, I think I've had my fill for a few years! I'd honestly rather chat and laugh than try to dance in a crowded nightclub with people constantly bumping into you and having to shout every time you want a conversation - is this me getting old? Lol. Maybe the realisation of how unsocialable nightclubs actually are has hit me.

Yesterday, no hangover, but uber munchies xD  Mum and dad were coming home from my sister's, so me and the brother got the place tidied up, hoovering done, some laundry and washing up done, and I got a few bunches of flowers for the momma.  Might not have been mother's day in this country, but she felt like it was :)

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Day 4 of 6

So my lazy Saturday may have spilled into the week a little....Sad to say that nothing much has really happened this week, and it's a 6 day week...(think of the money, think of the

On Tuesday, I was having a bad bad that I'm actually considering looking for another job.  Whilst I was thinking along those lines, there was a well timed post on Facebook from Lush in Stirling saying they're looking for a trainee.  This actually sounds really awesome, although the only information they've given out so far is that you'd be required to work week days and weekends, some early mornings and evenings, which is pretty much what I do now anyways.  More information will be given when they receive a CV, so that's exactly what I'm going to do next week when I'm off (YAY!!!).  This post was even more apt as my photo a day for May was a smell I adore, which just so happened to be Lush!  I love walking down Buchannan Street in Glasgow, getting a whiff of that shop before you've even got within 100 yards of it.

Today has been a good day.  Started a new thing on Instagram called Adventures of Moogle, which is just a little bit of fun, but is making me smile :)

Got finished early today, which is always good.  And then came home to a great e-mail from Lead Jammer magazine, I won third prize in their competition! :D  I've won a Croydon Roller Derby T-shirt, Team Scotland Sticker, Oslo Roller Derby Badge and a Tiger Bay Brawler's Sticker :D

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Lazy Saturday

As the title suggests, I am having a lazy Saturday!  Finally done with the evil shift that is earlies, and in all honesty, I'm not in a great shape to be doing anything else after last night's epic fall - thank derby for helmets!
Had a great day on Thursday!  My new dress got delivered from Soho's (it's so purdy!) and what's even better, it fit, so no returning for me!

My sister and her hubby also popped by with my nephew, Ethan, in tow.  He's getting so big and always has big smiles and giggles for his crazy Aunty Shelly :)  Ended my night on a high by having a wee five mile skate around the stadium with some of the girls from skating.  Was so much fun, felt like I was 6 again, skating and laughing!
Yesterday was a good day too - last day of earlies and I was single crewed which is always nice just for a break.  Aside from the bad fall at skating, it was an awesome session.  It's like everything clicked into place, I understood everything what we were trying to do.  I even found my pivot voice!  Although I think the pivot panty scurs my inner pivot - I seem to do better as a pivot when I'm not wearing it!  And my awesome Wifey passed her rules test, which means she'll get to try out for the Belfast team alongside me.  I hope at least one of us gets on it....
Oh, and happy anniversary to my sister and her hubby!  Can't believe it's been a whole year since they got married :)

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Derby Dayz

So once again, the weekend has been and gone.  But at least this is my last early shift week for 3 weeks :D.
Friday's skating was awesome.  We had a mammoth endurance session - do at least 25 laps in 5 minutes, 20 in 4, 15 in 3, 10 in 2 and 5 in 1.  I managed to do at least one lap over every time, even managing 26 and a half laps after falling twice (spaghetti legs...), so I'm pretty happy with that.  It's good to know I can still do it :)  Was a great night, with lots of laughs (especially with the Wifey) and finding out that I will be here for the team try outs against Belfast!  Not that I'm confident about getting on the team, I'm just glad to get a chance to try.  I also found out I have a rules test to study for this  Whilst I'm not looking forward to a test, I am quite keen to know how bad/good my knowledge of roller derby is.

The Craft Fayre on Saturday was a great success - we raised just over £700 and I panicked for no reason, the cake stall had a few cakes left over afterwards, lol.  It was an awesome day.  Met the girls responsible for Roller Grrrls, and they shown a keen interest in the Cubs.  My mum won "Guess the Tiger's Birthday" and my cousin, Louise, won "Guess How Many Sweeties in the Jar" from the Cubs stall - I promise it wasn't a fix!! I also bought the cutest pair of earrings from one of the stalls:

After getting home from work today (nice early finish, tee hee), I've sorted my kit out for tonight, cleaned the kitchen units after Bailey's tail massacre, and I'm sitting relaxing with a cup of tea and a cupcake (you'd think I'd be sick of seeing them...), before getting ready to head out to watch Avengers Assemble with Mike.  It looks like it's going to be an awesome film!  Only problem is it's in 3D, which of course I have to see it in, but those 3D glasses over my own glasses gives me a headache :/  Then it'll be a quick change for skating tonight :D
Oh, and last but not least, the Photo a Day May challenge starts today :)