Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Styling The Seasons

Reading through the large list of bloggers I follow, I came across a post on Candypop. It's about how to take good flat lay photographs.
The photography side of me loved this! Usually, I prefer to take landscape photos and still life, so this post really appealed to me (I'm hoping to get back into my photography much more).

For me, autumn is falling leaves, reds, oranges, warm colours in an otherwise colder climate.

I gathered leaves on a walk with Bailey (which is more difficult than it sounds at a pitch black 7am!), and used a few flower heads from the flowers my mum gave me for my birthday (which also happened to be the same day as Natasha (author of Candypop) published the post). I added buttons and thread as there will be a lot of sewing happening in the next month or so. And lastly, candles.  As soon as the nights get darker, the candles come out. So cosy!

I've tried to use Natasha's tips, but natural light has been a bit difficult to achieve. So here's my attempt!

This is also part of another post by Emily Quinton called Styling The Seasons. If you're on Instagram, why not check out all the other entries under #STSxMakeLight. And why not try one for yourself :)

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Plush Addict Wishlist

Hello! Long time no see!

It's been a busy year and I haven't blogged nearly as much as I wanted. But that is going to change! Instead of waiting until the new year to sort my priorities out, it's going to happen this week. I've settled into my new place and am currently typing this on my new (free) tablet with a peppermint tea, blanket and Crazy snuggled around my feet. Bliss!
And with that, on to the topic!

Plush Addict (one of my favourite fabric online stores), are giving you the chance to win your wish list! All you have to do is create your wish list on their site and share with them, easy! (This is not a promotional post by the way!).
I've done this and thought I'd share some of my favourite fabrics!

Firstly, this lovely plush fabric by M.O.M called Ooga Booga.

I have a niece and nephew on the way and would love to make a baby blanket out of this.

Next, by Timeless, this gorgeous glow in the dark fabric!

I used this fabric for one of my last swaps, a celestial mini and can't wait to find something else to make with it!

I'm not usually one for flowery fabrics, but I do love this one by Nutex:

I need to make a little curtain for my kitchen to cover up the space that used to house a dishwasher. I've seen a few fabrics I like for this:

Lila's Kitchen by Makower. The colours really work for my kitchen.

Cock-a-doodle do by Henry Glass, because there seems to be a chicken theme in my kitchen too!

And I couldn't resist The Very Hungry Caterpillar, also by Makower.

Another thing I'd like to make for the house is a tissue box cover. As there are butterflies on the pillows on my couch, I thought this Arbor Rose, Butterfly by Andover would go really nice.

And lastly, from the Sewing Studio range by Robert Kaufman. This is going to inspire me to start making my own clothes next year! Eek!