Saturday, 9 March 2013

Nostalgia - Toys of the 80's

Whilst babysitting the nephew last week and watching him rummage through Grannies-Box-Of-A-Million-Toys, it got me thinking about the toys I used to have as a child.  I remembered quite a lot  of different ones, hand me downs, etc, but when I hit "80's toys" on a Pinterest search, holy cow!  Lots more memories came flooding back!
Here's a list of some of my favourites!

Source: via Michelle on Pinterest
The Big Yellow Teapot! This is one of the first toys I remember having.

Can't remember if this was mine or my sister's, but we definitely had one of these in the house.

And speaking of sisters, I used to love scaring mine with my Boglin! Hehe.

We both had one of these. I remember my mum letting me fill out the card for her - you told them your hair colour, eye colour, mine even had freckles like me! Your very own My Child - mine was called Lucy.

Source: via Michelle on Pinterest
I wasn't really into Rainbow Brite, but I loved the sprites. I had an orange and green one.

Source: via Michelle on Pinterest
Finders Keepers! You got a key to unlock the shell and could keep things inside! Just sucked that my sister's key fit mine

Source: via Michelle on Pinterest
 Monchhichi! The cutest monkey ever!

 Source: via Michelle on Pinterest
 Mr Pop! Loved this game - you picked a card and had to create his face before the timer went and he popped at you!

My cousin had this, I was so jealous!

But I had She-Ra ;) 

Spokeys! Loved the noise these made on my wheels.

And speaking of wheels, my first pair of roller skates :D

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

February Round-Up

So February flew by!  It's been a good month - I'm finished with the physio on my back and I made the team for the Newcastle bout on the 30th of March!  Sooooooo happy!  All the hard work has paid off - I'm exercising more, eating better, generally feeling good all round :D  Annnnnd, my Mario Week blog post has 101 views on!  That's 10 times more views than I usually get!  It also gave me my first comment ever too :D  
As for my monthly goals:

* Read at least one book a month
Hunting Ground by Patricia Briggs (the 2nd book in the Alpha and Omega series)
- another good read from the author.  Getting to know the characters better, although I'm beginning to feel like the lead male character is becoming a bit of a wuss!  
Zombie Roller Derby Chicks From Hell: A Dead Crow Book by Steven Farkas.
- this book, very quick read (only 55 pages) and the vocabulary felt like it had been translated from a different language into English, lol.

* Bake/Cook at least once a month
This month, I've managed to make spicy lentil soup AND low fat chocolate muffins!

 * Craft once at least once a month
 Busy month for crafting!  
- cross-stitch display for bedroom wall
- doodle bug (Mr. Fuzzy) to cheer up the Wiggy wife
- 14 pompom sheep 
- Yoshi perler bead

* Start taking more photos!  Get out once a month and photograph landscapes.
Failed, again :/

* Keep up with the Fatmumslim photo a day challenges!
As above, only worse than last month!  But I have been very busy with the sheep!  And having a memory like a sieve lately has made me forget to take photos each day.  So I've started writing them down on my daily "to do" list!

I can also cross off something from my yearly list:
* One footed laterals.
Finally got those in the bag! :D  And my bend and snap with the jump is coming along, but only when I don't think about it.....

Monday, 4 March 2013

Monday Makes

I've been a bit quiet on the blogging front this past week.  Remember the sheep from last Monday's makes?  Well.....I finished them :D


Here we have the Newcastle roster of the Parma Violents in pompom sheep form!!  I've decided I'm going to recreate them for the team so we all have our very own personal sheep for the bout on the 30th of March xD.  I've even started making some for the other Fiercies :)

It was also Mario week last week!  Wild Olive asked her followers to make something for this week.  Here's my contribution:

(Original pattern found by Guiox on deviant art)

He was even mentioned in Wild Olive's blog in her Your Mario Makes post :D

Inspired by this week, I've started work on a Mario bookmark:

(Original pattern found at Erica's Hook and Yarn blog)

I made great use of the "Oodles and Doodles" section of the organiser my mum bought me at christmas!


Aside from all the sheep and Mario crafting, I also managed to make a chicken lasagne at the weekend for me and my mum.  Already ticked off one of my monthly's only a few days in to a new month ;)