Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Scrimmy Scrims

Scrims was last night! Mixed with 3 lovely ladies from Dundee - Carnage, Gadget and Roal Dahling (love that name). I was on Team Black with Jen, Maz, Dita, Max, Lila, the gorgeous wifey (who's back after 2 weeks away, I missed her!) and Roal from DRG.

It was so much fun. The atmosphere I've been feeling since we got back from Belfast wasn't there, and when I messed up, I wasn't getting so annoyed at myself. I just picked myself back up and tried again. I jammed a couple of times. The first time, I thought I was going to be sick, lol...I was definitely working my agressive jammer skills last night. Team white had amazing walls, but I just got stuck in until I found a gap, or at one point, I held onto Dita and snuck through xD I definitely felt like I contributed more, but had I not felt so tired before I got to scrims, I might have thrown myself on track more.

I hope the atmosphere has gone for good. I know I'm not the only one who felt it. The thing is, other people's emotions tend to mess me up - if someone is angry, it rubs off on me, and I hate it. I've left training the last few times feeling really shitty, and not because I thought I'd messed up, just because some of the girls have been really frustrated since Belfast and have almost taken it out on the rest of the team. I know we can't all have great days, every day of the week, but training is my escape. So I'm going to continue to turn up with a big smile on my face, and hopefully that'll rub off on people instead :D

And the wifey was back last night. OMG, I've missed her! Training isn't the same without the 20 minute talk after, lol. I missed just having her there, even if we don't get to talk much at training, I know she's there. She is an awesome wife :)

And as of the beginning of September, we'll have an extra training session - YEESSSSSSSS!! So aswell as Tuesday and Friday, there'll be Wednesday training too, and I think an optional Sunday session after Fresh Meat to practice anything we need to work on. So much skatey time! So much time to work on those skills! :D

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