Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Wild Olive on Etsy

At the beginning of the month, I entered a competition by the lovely Mollie of Wild Olive to celebrate her 10th anniversary of blogging! I was one of 10 lucky winners to receive $24 of credit for her Etsy shop! It was difficult to chose, I'm sure you'll see why as I take you for a little tour of her shop.

One of the first embroidery patterns that jumped out at me was this one:

When I finally get my own place, this is going up in the bathroom! It's a total bug bear of mine!

Another one for the future home:

Chores of the week! But I'll admit, the thimble was the pattern that clinched it for me, how cute!

And I had to get the SeaSiders patterns to go in my room:

Once I've stitched these up, my room is going to look amazing :D 

Along with the embroidery patterns, Mollie also has gorgeous printables available, such as these owl lists:

And not forgetting the Blog Buddies printables, which I will use over and over again!

And I love this pencil case pattern! My nephew will love it :) 

There are also offers available in her shop, for example, choose 3 embroidery patterns from a range in the shop and save $2.
This is also where you'll find access to Mollie's stitching clubs and embroidery classes. I joined all of the season clubs and loved each one. The newest addition is the 50 States Stitching Club. 

Once I've finished with my freebies, I'll heading over to buy more! If you love all things cute, this is the shop to visit :) 

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  1. I HAVE to get that toilet paper one!!! Perfect!
    Looking forward to seeing more posts.
    XX! Lori