Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Styling The Seasons

Reading through the large list of bloggers I follow, I came across a post on Candypop. It's about how to take good flat lay photographs.
The photography side of me loved this! Usually, I prefer to take landscape photos and still life, so this post really appealed to me (I'm hoping to get back into my photography much more).

For me, autumn is falling leaves, reds, oranges, warm colours in an otherwise colder climate.

I gathered leaves on a walk with Bailey (which is more difficult than it sounds at a pitch black 7am!), and used a few flower heads from the flowers my mum gave me for my birthday (which also happened to be the same day as Natasha (author of Candypop) published the post). I added buttons and thread as there will be a lot of sewing happening in the next month or so. And lastly, candles.  As soon as the nights get darker, the candles come out. So cosy!

I've tried to use Natasha's tips, but natural light has been a bit difficult to achieve. So here's my attempt!

This is also part of another post by Emily Quinton called Styling The Seasons. If you're on Instagram, why not check out all the other entries under #STSxMakeLight. And why not try one for yourself :)

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