Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Despicable Me - Make your own Minion

Us roller girls at FVRG have a little Friday night ritual of going to McDonalds after training (athletes!).  For the last couple of months, McDonalds have been handing out minions from Despicable Me 2 in their Happy Meals (I squeed, they are so cute!)  However, we soon discovered you could buy them without having to purchase a Happy Meal (I squeed even more!).  Alas, I couldn't go the first Friday they were selling them (stupid early shift the next day), and then I heard they'd sold out at our local McDonalds!  So I pouted a little, and then decided to make my own (as shown on Monday Makes).  The lovely Tiny came to the rescue though and managed to get me two from another McDonalds :D  And so my minion army grew......

After making my perler bead minion and collecting quite a few minions from McDonalds, I jumped on Pinterest and started having a look for other ways to create them (seriously, ARMY).  Here are some of my favourites (with Pinterest changing the way you embed pins, I've had to resort to a "insert-image-paste-link-at-bottom (hehehehehe "bottom") method.  Hope it works).

Easy, simple, something the kids could do!

Speaking of kids, how cute is this?

This is making me more determined to master crocheting!

I can cross stitch however, so this is definitely on my to-do list!

Puts my attempt to shame, this is amazing!

Someone needs to have a fancy dress party soon!

This is adorable.

But could I eat them......?

Something to bake for the next bout?

Great attention to detail!

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