Monday, 29 July 2013

Monday Makes

Following on from the last Monday Makes, here's my progress on the Summer Stitching Club:

Almost guess correctly on this pattern - I said it might be a drink xD

And this cute little guy is the last pattern in the food theme.  He also finishes off another row!  And here's what it looks like so far:

I've also been on the perler bead trail, this time making a Hello Kitty for birthday girl Maxx:

I got the pattern here - Kandi Patterns.  This is a great site for perler beads.

Feeling creative after pay day, I popped down to HobbyCraft and decided to make the nephew a shield and sword (he loves Mike The Knight!):

Not the best stitching job I've ever done, but I've put that down to my blunt needles, which I've only really used for cross stitch and some embroidery.  I made a template out of card for both the shield and sword, then I cut the felt out about half an inch around bigger than the template (so I had room to stuff the felt).  I completely forgot to pick up something to stuff the felt with, so I used some wool I had lying around that I probably won't ever use again.  I hope he likes them!

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