Wednesday, 6 March 2013

February Round-Up

So February flew by!  It's been a good month - I'm finished with the physio on my back and I made the team for the Newcastle bout on the 30th of March!  Sooooooo happy!  All the hard work has paid off - I'm exercising more, eating better, generally feeling good all round :D  Annnnnd, my Mario Week blog post has 101 views on!  That's 10 times more views than I usually get!  It also gave me my first comment ever too :D  
As for my monthly goals:

* Read at least one book a month
Hunting Ground by Patricia Briggs (the 2nd book in the Alpha and Omega series)
- another good read from the author.  Getting to know the characters better, although I'm beginning to feel like the lead male character is becoming a bit of a wuss!  
Zombie Roller Derby Chicks From Hell: A Dead Crow Book by Steven Farkas.
- this book, very quick read (only 55 pages) and the vocabulary felt like it had been translated from a different language into English, lol.

* Bake/Cook at least once a month
This month, I've managed to make spicy lentil soup AND low fat chocolate muffins!

 * Craft once at least once a month
 Busy month for crafting!  
- cross-stitch display for bedroom wall
- doodle bug (Mr. Fuzzy) to cheer up the Wiggy wife
- 14 pompom sheep 
- Yoshi perler bead

* Start taking more photos!  Get out once a month and photograph landscapes.
Failed, again :/

* Keep up with the Fatmumslim photo a day challenges!
As above, only worse than last month!  But I have been very busy with the sheep!  And having a memory like a sieve lately has made me forget to take photos each day.  So I've started writing them down on my daily "to do" list!

I can also cross off something from my yearly list:
* One footed laterals.
Finally got those in the bag! :D  And my bend and snap with the jump is coming along, but only when I don't think about it.....

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