Saturday, 9 March 2013

Nostalgia - Toys of the 80's

Whilst babysitting the nephew last week and watching him rummage through Grannies-Box-Of-A-Million-Toys, it got me thinking about the toys I used to have as a child.  I remembered quite a lot  of different ones, hand me downs, etc, but when I hit "80's toys" on a Pinterest search, holy cow!  Lots more memories came flooding back!
Here's a list of some of my favourites!

Source: via Michelle on Pinterest
The Big Yellow Teapot! This is one of the first toys I remember having.

Can't remember if this was mine or my sister's, but we definitely had one of these in the house.

And speaking of sisters, I used to love scaring mine with my Boglin! Hehe.

We both had one of these. I remember my mum letting me fill out the card for her - you told them your hair colour, eye colour, mine even had freckles like me! Your very own My Child - mine was called Lucy.

Source: via Michelle on Pinterest
I wasn't really into Rainbow Brite, but I loved the sprites. I had an orange and green one.

Source: via Michelle on Pinterest
Finders Keepers! You got a key to unlock the shell and could keep things inside! Just sucked that my sister's key fit mine

Source: via Michelle on Pinterest
 Monchhichi! The cutest monkey ever!

 Source: via Michelle on Pinterest
 Mr Pop! Loved this game - you picked a card and had to create his face before the timer went and he popped at you!

My cousin had this, I was so jealous!

But I had She-Ra ;) 

Spokeys! Loved the noise these made on my wheels.

And speaking of wheels, my first pair of roller skates :D

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