Saturday, 5 May 2012

Lazy Saturday

As the title suggests, I am having a lazy Saturday!  Finally done with the evil shift that is earlies, and in all honesty, I'm not in a great shape to be doing anything else after last night's epic fall - thank derby for helmets!
Had a great day on Thursday!  My new dress got delivered from Soho's (it's so purdy!) and what's even better, it fit, so no returning for me!

My sister and her hubby also popped by with my nephew, Ethan, in tow.  He's getting so big and always has big smiles and giggles for his crazy Aunty Shelly :)  Ended my night on a high by having a wee five mile skate around the stadium with some of the girls from skating.  Was so much fun, felt like I was 6 again, skating and laughing!
Yesterday was a good day too - last day of earlies and I was single crewed which is always nice just for a break.  Aside from the bad fall at skating, it was an awesome session.  It's like everything clicked into place, I understood everything what we were trying to do.  I even found my pivot voice!  Although I think the pivot panty scurs my inner pivot - I seem to do better as a pivot when I'm not wearing it!  And my awesome Wifey passed her rules test, which means she'll get to try out for the Belfast team alongside me.  I hope at least one of us gets on it....
Oh, and happy anniversary to my sister and her hubby!  Can't believe it's been a whole year since they got married :)

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