Monday, 14 May 2012

No work for a week :D

Indeed, I have a week off! A greatly appreciated week off!! Time to recharge and chill.

Saturday, I woke up to my Lead Jammer competition goodies! Still trying to decide where I'm going to pop the stickers, but the t-shirt gives me an extra training top :D

The painful thought of work was numbed slightly by the fact that I had THE Fiercey party of the year later on, and I was working with Fergie, who always brightens the day with jokes and generally makes you feel better just with his presence, a good guy :)  He also gave me the shorter run in the evening, so I got finished nice and early and turned up to the party just after 8pm, so not too late.  It was the best night, so much fun, hilarity and lots of hugs!  Twister was hilarious!!

Met some awesome new people too - Sue's wife and Wee Zoomer's hubby, although the night went far too quickly and I felt like I didn't get to talk to some of the girls.  I also got dragged out afterwards to Storm....honestly thought when I was younger that I'd never miss going out, having a dance, but after Saturday, I think I've had my fill for a few years! I'd honestly rather chat and laugh than try to dance in a crowded nightclub with people constantly bumping into you and having to shout every time you want a conversation - is this me getting old? Lol. Maybe the realisation of how unsocialable nightclubs actually are has hit me.

Yesterday, no hangover, but uber munchies xD  Mum and dad were coming home from my sister's, so me and the brother got the place tidied up, hoovering done, some laundry and washing up done, and I got a few bunches of flowers for the momma.  Might not have been mother's day in this country, but she felt like it was :)

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