Saturday, 26 January 2013

Bedroom Makeover

So, I've been back at home, living with the parents, for over a year now, and after finally getting my own room 6 months ago (had to wait until the little brother moved on to his own place), I've decided it needs a bit of a tart up!  It was my parents bedroom until all us kids moved out, and then they took over the larger bedroom (quite right!).
Bearing in mind that it is their house (I miss my own place sometimes), I'm a little limited to what I can do - painting is probably out of the question (although I haven't asked yet.....) and once I move out, it's going to be the nephew's room when my sister comes to visit.  That leaves us with a blue colour palette.  I don't think this room has been any other colour in the 20 years that my mum and dad have lived here.  But I like the colour blue (I remember an argument with my sister I was about 7 or 8 years old about the wall colour for our bedroom - I wanted blue, she wanted pink.....bleuch), so it won't exactly be a hardship to live with ;)

For some inspiration, I've turned to Pinterest.  I joined this site a while ago and I haven't really done much with it :/  But with me having so much down time on my shifts lately, I installed the app on my phone and I've been a little hooked since!

Firstly, I definitely need another colour in this room - the carpet is dark blue, the walls are white and light blue.  So I started looking at some different colour combinations:







At the moment, I'm really swinging towards the beach theme.  I might be able to convince the parents to let me break up those plain white walls and put a little colour on.  Then it'll be onto plan 2 - accessories!  (At least, on a budget....). 

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