Friday, 25 January 2013

Friday Photos

Here's a round up of my FatMumSlim photo a day photos from the last week :)

Day 19 - Delicious
But the last one from my christmas supply :(
Day 20 - Something You Saw
My mum's tiny house daffodil has bloomed a flower! Spring, you're early!
Day 21 - What You Do 
Drive an ambulance, occasionally.
Day 22 - Corner
Of my books. I love books :D
Day 23 - Electric
My lava lamp, that I don't have on nearly enough.
Day 24 - Stripes
Perfect timing on this photo! I was visiting Frocky today to discuss Cubs stuff and this was her notepad :D
Day 25 - Landscape
I am so happy with how this came out - 1) This was taken while on the move; 2) It was also taken through tinted glass; 3) It was taken on my phone camera (as all my FatMumSlim challenge photos are, but still, so happy!)

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