Wednesday, 30 January 2013

January Round Up

This has been a month of ups and downs.....which unfortunately has affected my blogging activity.  I need to give myself a little slap for letting some negativity affect what I want to achieve!  Anywhoo, let's see what I've managed to complete from my monthly list.

* Read at least one book a month
Cry Wolf - Patricia Briggs.  
I started reading this author after Kelley Armstrong (one of my favourite authors) gave her a rave review.  I started off with the Mercedes Thompson series (a coyote shape shifter) and enjoyed those so much that I started reading this spin off series of some of the characters from those books.  Enjoying them so far - hopefully I'll get the next one finished for February.  Which reminds me, I need to raid Amazon for some more books!

* Bake/Cook at least once a month
Disappointed I haven't managed to cook even one thing from scratch this month :(

 * Craft once at least once a month
 This I have achieved! Albeit there is only one "Monday Makes" post for this month, but I still manage to get some crafting done!  There will definitely be more next month - I'm off work next week (WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOO!!!) and plan to get some serious crafting done.  I'm also working on a special project for someone to make up for letting them down this weekend.....

* Start taking more photos!  Get out once a month and photograph landscapes.
Erm, fail again....I think I need to sit down and decide on places that I'd love to go to for my photography.  We had snow recently, and I never got out to take photos - such a wasted opportunity.

* Keep up with the Fatmumslim photo a day challenges!
Hahaha! As of this moment, I need to catch up on 3 already!  But at least it's not as bad as last month, so I say this is progress!

I can also cross off something from my yearly list:
* Try sushi
At least, I think I can.  Is crispy chicken maki actually sushi?  I imagined sushi being a fish only dish.  I also tried pickled ginger for the first time.  Yeah, Japan can keep that....


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