Monday, 7 January 2013

Monday Makes

Whoop whoop!! Now that christmas is over, I can finally post up what I made for my brother and his girlfriend!

I was looking for some Pinky and The Brain merchandise for my brother (we both loved that show when we were younger!) and came across a Pinky and The Brain magnet set in perler beads (my brother James and his girlfriend just moved in together recently, so I thought fridge magnets would be a nice idea). I looked at it and thought, "ya know what, I could totally make that". So I did! Well, Pinky at least:

(Pattern courtesy of Rushaz on Flicker)

Then I started getting the perler bead bug (or Hobbycraft's own craft beads) and decided to make Christine, his girlfriend, a Tinkerbell one as she loves Tinkerbell:

(Pattern courtesy of Genjiworks on Deviantart)

And then I might have went a little nuts and made another one for my brother, his favourite Pokemon when he was younger, Charmander:

(Pattern courtesy of

So I HAD to make his girlfriend another one (hehe), this time her favourite Final Fantasy character, Vivi:

(Pattern courtesy of Mikakaye on Instagram)

My biggest project was, of course, the Gengar I made for Matt's christmas. It took up four boards and was scary to iron....I decided to give it to him early and bring it in my suitcase as I wasn't sure it would survive a long distance posting (because in my suitcase was such a better idea!). Miraculously, I only had to fix a few beads back into place xD

(Pattern courtesy of EP-380 on Deviantart)

So those were all my christmas makes! This week I plan on finishing the snake knitting pattern from Let's Get Crafting: Knitting and Crochet Issue 47, and I also have a tiger cross stitch I'd like to start at some point. Watch this space!

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