Monday, 1 April 2013

Monday Makes

I'm back!  Apologies for the delay in this post, but it's been a hectic week, what with me just getting back into the country last Monday (a day late.....there will be a post about this!) and then having the cold and feeling pretty crap, whilst trying to get my fitness back before the Newcastle bout on Saturday.

So, before I left for the States, Joustin Beaver (love that name so much!) requested her own pompom sheep.  I couldn't refuse!

We decided to call it a Beep - half beaver, half sheep xD
I also made 14 more sheep as mascots for the team for our Newcastle bout :) (hence me not having  a lot of time last week - pompom sheep can be quite time consuming!).

And we celebrated Mother's Day the Sunday before I left, so I made my mum a card.

She loved him :)

And whilst over in America, when the boy had to go to work, I got half way through my Mario bookmark.

Must finish this this week!!

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