Monday, 8 April 2013

Monday Makes

On Saturday, I had a fun-filled derby day extravaganza!!  Firstly, there was the Auld Reekie Roller Girls (ARRG) home final, which featured two bouts - a team of guest skaters vs their own Cherry Bombers, then on to the final featuring the Skatefast Club vs the Leithal Weapons.  Two of my Fiercies were in the guest skaters line up - Gallus Cooper and Shelby WeeBlock.  So excited for Shelby as this was her first public bout!  So I had to make a sign, right?


After all the bouts in Edinburgh, we took a longer than expected journey back to Grangemouth (damn lorry's breaking down on the bypass and no hard shoulder!) to watch the Jakey Bites take on the South Wales Silures.  I love watching merby, the guys seem so fearless when they skate.

For this bout, my Pixxie wife was making her reffing debut :D  So I had to make a sign for this too!


The "Deep Fried Pixxie" part looks a little grey, which I was kinda disappointed with, but it was because I put glitter (aka pixxie dust) on it.  Complete with ref stripes and of course pink!

I'd twittered to ask if a ref sign was ok (they are very official!), and ended the conversation realising I should make a Jakey's sign too, haha!  


I actually had a lot of fun making these.  Hopefully I get more Saturdays off work to watch some derby!

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