Saturday, 20 April 2013

Smash Book

I was in Hobbycraft last week, having a wee browse whilst waiting for my mum to finish at her doctor's appointment.  And that's when it hit me, the Smash Book stand.  O-M-G.  So shiny!  Before I knew it, I had a Smash Book, notepad and little Smash Book stickies in my hands heading towards the cash tills!  I couldn't wait to get home, open it up and be inspired!  Here are a few ideas I found whilst looking through Pinterest!

Gorgeous Front Cover 

Another idea for a front cover - Positive critique about yourself :) 

Side tags for different pages

 Wish list 


Things that make me happy

Source: via Michelle on Pinterest 
A Day-In-Your-Life

Source: via Michelle on Pinterest
Days of the Month

Source: via Michelle on Pinterest
And while I was looking at Smash Book ideas, look who popped up - the Pixxie wife :D


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