Tuesday, 17 June 2014

A Jaunt Around Glasgow

On Sunday, I had the lovely opportunity of taking a wee wander around Glasgow (with some very good company). As my Saturday photographing trip got postponed (car issues), I decided to take photos of the trip!

After a ride on the Underground (which I sadly realised was the first time in over 10 years.....) and a walk down memory lane (in the form of Byres Road), our first destination was The Hill for food! 

As soon as I saw this wall, I was immediately glad this is where we chose to eat! I tried to do something similar in my old house, but it was nothing compared to these amazing photos. 

Next up was a walk to the Botanic Gardens. A short walk in, I was shown this:

Old underground platforms for a station that was opened in 1896. I had no idea this existed! I love history, so this definitely appealed to me. 

We decided to go into the glass dome (which we almost instantly regretted after being met by the humidity) and managed to get a look around in amongst the screaming kids. There was a little art exhibition and this painting caught my eye (I wonder why....):

After all that heat, it was time for ice cream!

Toffee fudge and after eight ice cream is probably the best combination ever! 

More walking later (apparently we walked 7 miles altogether, which is a pretty good "jaunt" I think!), we walked past a live band with a huge crowd.

The sign next to them was promoting their band and lessons, but after this performance, they did mention something about not quite beating the world record for the number of people dancing. 

We also walked past my old university. Lots of memories! 

And just before it was time to get the train home, a little seat (after all the walking....) in George Square. Trying to get a photo of this with no one trying to hang off/sit on it was quite difficult!

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