Monday, 23 June 2014

No Buy July!

I follow a few crafty people (crafty as in those who make things, not crafty as in shady people, although I think I follow a few of those too! Haha!) on Instagram. I came across a post that immediately appealed to me from belloquacity entitled No Buy July. Here are the rules!

- No new fabric purchases
- No patterns, no books, no fancy rulers or non-essential notions
- Goodies to accompany swaps allowed
- Existing club commitments/bundles or subscriptions already signed up for allowed
- Thread for current project allowed
- Wadding for current project allowed
- Zippers for current project allowed (but no large quantities of these!)

We then write out our list of projects (here's mine) and post our lists up on Instagram using the hashtag #itstimetostopbuyingandstartsewing:

Now, it might not look like too much, but there is a lot of work in this list! The cardigan makeover is basically just replacing buttons on a cardigan that my sister was going to throw out, then trying out some embroidery. I got these adorable buttons in a Hobbycraft sale and I think I'm going to use those along with some tips from my Doodle-Stitching book by Aimee Ray.

My Spring Stitching Club Quilt is getting there. I've got most of the coloured hexagons do, but I really have to get cracking on the embroidered ones.

My summer quilt....well, I haven't even started this yet and I've received 40 issues of the magazine (Sew and Stitch) with fabric for a square from each issue! This is what it should look like:

And then we have the cross stitch that I am slightly ashamed of.....It was supposed to be for my niece Niamh's first present from me and well, she'll be 1 in August....bad Aunty Shelly. As excuses go, this is actually one of the most complicated cross stitches I've done so far - there's about 10 different shades of grey thread and the thread isn't the best quality in the world, often snapping half way through. Now that I've finished the solid part of the cross stitch, I have to do the tatty bear part and this is the part that's making me feel like I'm totally hashing it all up :( 

And lastly, what I have been saving up ALL the corks for (this has taken a looooong time!), a home made cork board for my mum (not stitching, but a project nonetheless).

The birthday gift is being kept secret/a work in progress! But let's see how much of this I can get through in a month. And how long I can last before I sneak into Hobbycraft!!

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