Saturday, 14 June 2014

Encouragement Cards

As I sit here in the mess that is my room, I thought what better time to start writing on my blog again!

I came across these gorgeous Encouragement Cards as designed by Mollie on her Wild Olive blog.  At first, I thought they'd be great to write down reminders for my mindfulness training.  After writing a few though and seeing my mum come home from a bad day, I decided to put my project down and start one for her.

Here are my version of the cards, with a few sayings to keep my mum smiling if she's ever having a bad day:

The photos are of my gorgeous niece and nephew :)

To make the pouch, I used some fabric I got free with my subscription of Mollie Makes (lots of Mollies in today's post!), and some quilting fabric to give the cards a little protection:

And here's the finished project!

Mum loves them! Although she did ask if they were meant to make her cry....she got the point though, lol!

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