Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Hump Day

So, we're half way through another 6 day week for me.  Happy Hump Day!!
Been a busy week so far - Sunday I popped over to Frocky's to discuss the paperwork for the FVR Cubs stall at the Craft Fayre on the 28th.  Between the Youth committee and the Fund Raising committee, I've been kept quite busy, which is great.  Not only does it keep me out of trouble, it makes me feel like I'm giving back to the team who's given me so much <3.
On Monday, the Momma treated me to dinner at La Banca.  I don't care what anyone says about the portions in there (I always hear they're too small), we were both stuffed afterwards, om nom nom!

Tuesday was scrims day.  OMG did I have butterflies, I was so nervous, all day.  So something to take my mind off it, or so I hoped, Cabin in the Woods.  Very gory (which doesn't really phase me), not so scary (which did, because I wanted Mike to be scared gdi!!), and kinda almost a what's become a typical "horror" flick.  Yes, it was funny in typical Joss Whedon humour, but all in all, I was a little disappointed.
Then it was home for a quick change and off to scrims!!  I only got to jam twice, but both times I got lead jammer, I was so happy!!  Definitely have the jamming bug now, no matter how bad I think I do at practice from now on, I am not losing it!  I was on Team Black, aka Team Ninja, and we won 87-83, a very close score (to which I contributed :D ).  The girls on my team were so great, giving out advice, I learned a lot.  And Team White were awesome.  I love my roller derby family!

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