Friday, 27 April 2012


Friday is finally upon us! Wooo! :D

My Wednesday went without any issues.  Best described as normal.  I don't think I like normal too much, but it's always better than having a crappy day.  Highlights were Mama Do The Hump by Rizzle Kicks (this song always makes me happy):

And a new Epic Meal Time video which involves cakes! I won't lie, I may have drooled....and excellent week for this with the Craft Fayre just around the corner and me in charge of organising the cake stall :D

I also got my payslip, before I got paid!! What blasphemy is this??! Made me breathe easy seeing that.... lol.

Thursday was a good day.  Scrap that, Thursday was an awesome day!  I got in contact with Elifino from Quad City Rollers, just to let her know how things were going with the Cubs and to thank her again for all the help she's given us with all the advice she had starting their junior league.  I told her I'd be over in the States in June. Well, she only went one better and told me that there's a junior roller derby tournament right where I'll be staying, the day after I arrive!  I'm gona go along and hopefully meet some of the girls and watch junior roller derby in all it's awesomeness! I'm sooooo excited!!  :D
(Also got to come home to Strawberry and Lime Kopparberg and a strawberry cupcake! Yummy!!!)

Today, well, holy hell have I been busy already!  Fun Ghoul popped by to drop off all her goodies for the cake stall and tombola/raffle, then I had to pop out and get dog food and pipe insulation for Crazy's tail (don't ask, just nod your head).  I've baked cupcakes for the cake stall and am ready for work, just to come home, iron my gear and clean my wheels for skating, head to training, collect Cubs stuff from Frocky, come home, put the icing on the cupcakes, paint my nails, maybe play some WoW before heading to sleep a little earlier than normal to get up bright and early for tomorrow's Craft Fayre!  (And breathe...).  Can't believe the Fayre is tomorrow, all this organising and it'll be over by 4pm tomorrow.  Hopefully we make lots of money for FVRG! :D

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