Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Skatey Tuesday!

Started off the day smiling because my friend Mike was grinning like a Cheshire cat ;) Even work wasn't too bad. Yes, I'm aware it's only Tuesday...but Tuesday means skatey fun!! And to add to the fun, my bearings arrived today. <3 Billy's Skates :D  So after a quick stop into Pink Nik designs to drop off my scrim t-shirts (need numbers on them if I'm gona scrim, eeeeeeeeeeeeee!), I got home to the shiney bearings and put them on my skates.

I also came home to my gorgeous nephew, being babysat by my momma til his momma got home from getting her hair did.  Nothing makes you smile more than when he giggles at you (for pulling ridiculous faces and making baby noises that you daren't do around adults).  Once the family had gone home, I got treated to momma's macaroni cheese - OM NOM NOM!!

I'm still stuffed and I have to skate in an hour and a half.....tee hee.

Random song of the day (as it was my turn to drive at work today, there was actually some music!), Ash - Shining Light:


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