Saturday, 14 April 2012

Let the weekend beginneth!

It's finally the weekend :D It's been a strange week, not really any highs or lows, I guess normal is maybe the word to describe it.
So, I noticed a few people I follow on Twitter are doing this Photo A Day April thing. I tried this before, just a photo a day, but for some reason, I kinda faded with it after day 20, I think mainly because me and Mike ran out of ideas fast, and I was so adamant I was taking them on my big camera. This time around, someone else has come up with the ideas (blogger named FatMumSlim, I love it!) and I'll be taking the photos with my camera phone using Instagram, which I usually have on me at all times, so if I see a photo op, I can just go for it. Get me back into the photography :)

Skatey fun was had last night - so much endurance, loved it! I'm getting the hang of my toe stop starts, practicing them more. I also need to read up more on strategies for blocking - I understand them at the time we're learning them, but then they seem to go straight out of my head, and I don't want to look like an eejit at scrims on Tuesday if I'm given Pivot.  All in all, I think I'm looking forward to scrims xD

Someone posted this up on a friends Facebook page a few days ago:

I've never seen Despicable Me, but this made me laugh sooooooo much xD How cute are those guys?? BAN-AN-A hee hee.

So, after I've fed the fish (mum and dad are away to the sister's this weekend to visit the wee man), I see a fantabulous lazy day ahead of me, possibly filled with gaming and/or movies. Oh, and watching the Grand National - I put a wee bet on Chicago Grey ;)  Here's hoping my photo from yesterday brings me luck!

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