Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Catch up...

So my last post was almost a week ago, which doesn't mean I haven't been smiling, but I have been dealing with a few things that have made me want to wrap chairs around certain people's heads....
Although there was no skatey fun times for me on Friday (mahoosive headache), I did pick up my scrim shirts and my copy of Lead Jammer magazine arrived, yay!

The rest of my weekend can be summed up with one photo, Saturday's dessert:

Strawberries are awesome.  Strawberries with whipped cream are even more awesome.
Sunday wasn't so bad, I got to go watch the Fresh Meat and use some of my (poor) first aid skills on one of the girls who fell after jumping over some cones right on her coccyx - painful.  Also loaned out my wheels to Chaos Faerie, who fell in love with them - they are awesome wheels, but I'm already thinking about an upgrade to Poisons....

Yesterday I did my first 8:30-4:30 shift in about 5 years - someone called in sick and I offered to help out with a shift change (brownie points are good, finishing at 4:30 instead of 8:30 is good, and working with Brenda is always great).  Had a good laugh, catching up with an awesome friend, even headbutted a window in the ambulance dancing to "Rescue Me".
And whilst the skatey fun times were testing (I really to need to watch more derby, get more tips on this agressive jamming that seems to evade me, and my non-existent blocking techniques...), I did learn a lot.
(And yet another yay, but not as big of one - I fixed my phone to save shit to the SD card!! Go me xD)

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