Saturday, 16 February 2013

Happy Place

When I'm feeling a little stressed at work, I like to close my eyes (if I'm not driving obviously!) and go to my happy place.  I stretch out in my favourite chair, relax, enjoy the view, count to 20 and chill.  Now, I'm not an artist of any kind, so I can't sketch the image from head out and show you how AMAZING it is.  Instead, I'm going to post up some pictures of places that could come close, or that I might borrow one day when my happy place gets too routine.

Source: via Michelle on Pinterest
The ultimate realxation with an awesome view.

A nice relaxing walk. Look at those colours!

Source: via Michelle on Pinterest

Maybe that walk after sleeping in this bed? So cosy.

Speaking of beds, I might actually get a good night's rest in this one.

More chilling out, maybe by the pool, maybe take a walk up all those stairs!

Glass igloos that you can rent to watch the Northern Lights! 

And this is where I was on Monday! (In my head, of course.....sigh)

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