Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Monday Makes

Oooh, I was a busy little bee last week!  So much crafting, so much fun!

Firstly, I finished off the wall piece :D.  This is the original inspiration:

And here's my finished piece:


So happy with it, and the start of the beach theme in my bedroom :)

 I've also managed to make one sheep for Shaun's Pom Pom Parade.

The plan was to make a roller derby team (so 14 sheep), until I realised that the only wool I have in the house is acrylic - the sheep are to be 100% wool for the campaign.  I managed to pick up some natural wool roving from Hobbycraft (this is how I made this little guy), but 100% wool is hard to find!  So I contacted the lovely people at Shaun's Pom Pom Parade on Facebook and they let me know where the closest stockist of real wool is to me.  Unfortunately, they didn't have the colours I wanted (FVRG purple and turquoise of course), so I've ordered it.  I hope it comes today so I can get stuck in on my down time.  They need to be in by the 1st of March!

And whilst using the template for the sheep, I made a little doodlebug for the Wiggy wifey.  To cheer her up :) 


She's called him Mr Fuzzy, and he did exactly what I hoped, made her smile :)

I also attempted to bake last week.  I had the house to myself for 5 days, so why not?  The chocolate muffins however did not want to play ball....


I'm pretty sure they're not supposed to go lopsided like this...lol.  Too much mixture in the tray?  Or was it because I checked them half way through?  Anyone any ideas?  It would be greatly appreciated if you could help me make my next batch look less like....well, what they look like, rofl. 


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