Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Derby Round Up

Bobbie took training last night. I love it when she takes training. For some reason, everything she says makes sense and I come away from the session feeling like I've learned something. She's also very motivational and praising :D
We went back to basics, mostly covering walls. After practising this with one group of three one way however, I moved on to another group of three and found they were doing it slightly different. So I got a little confused, and then frustrated...but good ol' Griz was there with her patience and eventually I got it. Had a little warning about my right foot coming up too high from one of the refs, eeep. However, I was borrowing Fun Ghoul's poisons and was trying to get used to the extra grippyness, my skull crushing left a little to be desired....Aside from that, I found them very good for my plough stops, so I ordered some today xD
We finished with some scrims. I was quite proud of myself for not falling as much as I usually do - getting the hang of this staying-on-my-skates I was a blocker for the few that I got on for, Bobbie even made me wrecking ball at one point, which I love, but I need to work on more. I do think that my general blocking is improving though.
Was great to see the girls who passed their mins at Tuesday training :D So many more people showing up. Can't wait to see the newbies on Friday :)

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