Thursday, 14 June 2012

A Week of Photos

I'll start with my Photo A Day June ones:

8th -  6 o'clock - this was a flower at one of my patients houses. First thing I saw when I realised it was 6pm and I hadn't taken my photo yet.

9th - your view today - boooo, at work on a Saturday....

10th - best bit of my weekend - lazing away on the couch cuddled up with Crazy

11th - door - one of the many doors I come across in my job

12th - from a low angle - this was lying in the station....reason enough? lol

13th  - art - food art! The cake my sister made for my brother's birthday, which was today :)

14th - time - a few of the time pieces around my home

Bailey is featured again, this time sleeping up against his momma's smelly derby kit bag....that's unconditional love for you right there, lol

And speaking of derby, I of course got my new wheels :D

And the Olympic torch came by Falkirk yesterday. Only got this photo because some lovely woman decided to abandon her car in the middle of the road to take a photo herself.....

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