Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Derby Round Up

Training was a mixed bag last night. My plough stops are improving, my t-stops have gone wobbly....probably because of the new wheels, however, at the session in Camelon before training, I was plough stopping no problem. Damn you Grangemouth floor!! On the other hand, my transitions are loving the new
I need to go over the hand signals for fouls...we did a little drill where the refs would shout out a minor/major - if we got sent to the "sin bin" for a major, we had to show Fun Ghoul what the foul was using the hand signal. It was a good communication drill. If our bench manager wants to know why we were sent off, just in case they want to contest it, we need to be able to let them know what it was for.
We practised more walls - I'm learning to stay up a little better, although my one footed ploughs aren't so great. And when I do fall, I'm recovering quickly, with little impact on my wall. My hammer and nail technique is also improving, I really felt like my hip checks were actually effective :D
My jamming....I'm still finding gaps and moving quickly, and I am staying on my feet better when I get hit, but my aggressive jamming really needs some work. To be honest, I'm too worried about getting 4 minors for my elbows....

So, in conclusion:
NEED TO WORK ON: T-stops on new wheels;
                                       referee hand signals;
                                       one footed ploughs;
                                       agressive jamming.
IMPROVING ON: Plough stops;
                                staying on my feet/skates.

And here's a funny little photo someone posted on Facebook tonight. This is me xD

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