Friday, 8 June 2012

Smiles :)

So, on Wednesday, my new outdoor wheels arrived! Yay!! And then's pretty much rained since, lol... I was hoping to get out on them at the weekend if the weather stays dry, but Elton John has pretty much scunnered that idea by deciding to play a gig at the stadium where I skate. I'll have to ask around about some of the Helix footpaths I think. I've got 300 laps to practice for!!
This day was pretty awesome as I also won free cinema tickets :D There was a competition on Central FM and at about 4:45pm I heard the question - pretty easy, "who sang the main theme song for Top Gun". We were even given a clue, it's the name of a German city. Well duh, lol. Showing my age, I text in, Berlin of course. 10 minutes later, I get a phone call asking me to repeat my answer and bam! Tickets won xD So, now I have to find a few scary films to drag Mike to, bwuhahahahahahahahaha >:D

Thursday saw the arrival of more wheels, this time Atom Poisons after my wee shot with Fun Ghoul's. So this morning, I got stuck into my skates, taking the bearings out of the old wheels and cleaning them, then popping on some speed cream.

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