Tuesday, 12 June 2012


So yesterday seemed like it was going to be one of "those" days. Started out with two crabbit patients, I was so ready for the next one!! However, turned out a complete opposite. I had the joy of taking two of the loveliest patients to and from the hospital. One of them called everyone Angel, which I love. She seemed like such a kind wee woman. The other was so anxious about going out but soon settled, enjoying the fact that we had to detour so much before we got home! It was one of those "I've seen places I've not visited for many years" kind of patients. You actually feel nice for taking them to the hospital, lol.
Today has been a tying-up-lose-ends day, which as incredibly boring as it sounds, actually gives me a little bit of peace and well being. I finally got my log in and e-mail sorted out at work (yes, apparently ambulance staff on the ROAD need this....) thanks to a lady in IT who spoke plain English and not the IT version of it. I also had a lovely day out shopping with my momma. Got a few other things sorted, but also had to buy a shit tonne of cards this month! I even treated myself to a new dress - yes, me, a dress.
And now I'm off to an extra wee skatey session before training at 9pm. Hoping I'll get to help out some of the girls and meet the Fresh Meat again :D

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