Saturday, 2 June 2012

A New Month

I really need to start posting more regularly.... I've become lazy with this and I don't want to stop doing it. Time for a kick up the arse! So with this new month, a new me shall start. For this to happen, I need to work on a few things:
Work - so lately, really not happy with work. Not the actual job, my job to be fair is very easy and it pays well. I like my patients, and most of the people I work with. However, there are a few who like to make our job seem more difficult than it is, lazy people, lazy, arrogant, shallow people who really shouldn't be in the profession they're currently in. This frustrates me. There are also management issues, and a few other things that annoy me to no end, but at this moment in time, there is nothing I can do about them. I've tried looking for another job, but realistically, it's not an option right now. So, stuck where I am. I've devised a plan for every time I get pissed off at work - song lyrics. If you see Facebook or Twitter getting spammed with song lyrics, this is why - I apologise now, lol. I shall count to ten more often. The only person me getting angry is affecting is me, and I need to start looking out for myself.
Bailey - I love my dog. He is a great companion, gives me unconditional love (even when I come from derby training smelling like I've skated ten times more than I have!) and generally makes me smile even when I'm feeling like crap. He needs to be walked more. I need to walk him more. I also need to stop losing the rag with him so much, something that seems to have happened a lot more since moving back home with the parents. My dad has a very short temper, something that I've grudgingly inherited, and it makes everyone around him miserable. I don't want to get to that stage (if I'm not there already....). He loses it so much at Bailey, just for wagging his tail, or being too hyper, and I find that I'm getting angry at Bailey for doing it because I know it's going to set my dad off - vicious circle. So, time to sort this out.
Roller Derby - I went to try outs on Tuesday so down in the dumps, because I knew I wasn't going to make the team. I looked at who we had from the last bout against Dundee and I was sure there would only be a few spots left and I wouldn't get one. During stretches, I got a pain up my left leg that I'm assuming was trapped nerve pain. I could have cried. I just thought "well, that's it, you're definitely done now". After a 75% attempt at knee falls, I just decided, I'm not making the team, might aswell enjoy the training session. I went home, I slept. I woke up at about 2am and thought I'd have a look at the team roster anyway, put myself out of my misery. And then I saw my name. Holy crap! No no no no, there must be a mistake. I refreshed the page. I refreshed the page again. Nope, still there. I kept checking the forum all day at work, they must have put my name there by mistake, but no, it remained there, third from the top. :D So now I really really need to start working on my fitness. As on tomorrow, I'm restarting the Roller Derby Challenge. I've ordered outdoor wheels and will be skating as much as I possibly can over the next two months. I'll be doing more sit ups - need to work on that core strength. I'll be working on stopping more quickly with my plough stops (possibly ordering new wheels, shall see after trying out Fun Ghoul's poisons and of course depending on funds). I've been given a dream opportunity, I'm not about to let my team down by doing a half ass job of it.
Blog - going to try and start updating at least twice a week. Think I'll give myself a Wednesday and Saturday as definite updates, with anything in between being a little bonus.
Crochet - this was supposed to be a hobby to chill me out. So I'm gona try and get properly started this weekend and go from there.

So, sorry about the rant, this was more of a "kick-up-the-ass" post than a "this-is-what's-made-me-smile" post - they shall resume as of Wednesday :)

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