Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Derby Round Up - Scrims

Ugh, last night......

I'd been feeling a little light headed yesterday before scrims, but it passed, and it was scrims. I got there, I kitted up, I warmed up, I felt fine. Then I went on for my first jam. Legs went to jelly. It was  not a great jam....not at all, my legs just wouldn't do what I wanted them to do. I came off and they started shaking, like little spasms, it was horrible. After sitting out a few more jams, my legs started to get that horrible tingly feeling they get when they feel restless. I stayed off until the second half, watching each of my team mates coming back for a drink, tired, and I felt completely useless and I decided to try my luck in the second half. Oh boy....went on, legs went to jelly again, I got pushed by a team mate to chase after someone, which made me fall, so I fell small, only to get kicked in the head. I stood up and my whole body was shaking. Not good. So that was pretty much my scrims over. Never have I wanted so much to curl up and cry at training. I was worried about my legs, but more concerned that I'd let my team mates down. It was a really horrible feeling. The only up side was all the hugs I got after. FVRGers rock <3.

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