Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Tuesday Ramble

Basically, I couldn't think of anything to write about for a Tuesday, so it's just going to be a good old fashioned ramble about anything and everything!

Firstly, I am slacking on my Photo A Day challenge.....
From August, I still have to do:
22nd - Home
24th - Path
26th - Dream
27th - Tap
30th - Card
31st - Hidden
From September...:
8th - At night
9th - Most weekends
16th - Strange
17th - In my fridge
18th - Price
19th - Underneath
21st - Sometimes
22nd - Up
23rd - Before bedtime
24th - 3 things
26th - Near
28th - A Good Thing
So far for October (only 3 days in mind you, lol), I've managed to do a photo for every day. I need to get my finger out! My "to do" list is growing....

Another thing to add to my "to do" list is scan all the books I've read! Or at least the one's I've read since moving back in with mum and dad. I got this app a few days ago called Goodread - you scan the book you're reading/have read and it adds it to your profile. You can give reviews and see other people's reviews on the books. Sounds fab as I'm slowly running out of books to read. Mainly because I've devoured all the books written by my favourite authors! And the plus side is, if I can't remember some of the books, it's a perfect excuse to re-read them ;)

Today was also a bad day for my poor wee car :( The purple pest failed it's MOT...the guy at the garage (who's done her last 9 MOT's) said I'd be spending more to get her fixed than she's worth. But after much deliberation (and panic, and anger, and tears....), I've decided to take her in on Thursday and get her fixed up - as long as she does me for another year, until I'm a little more financially stable, that's all I need. She's a good wee car and I would have been really sad to scrap her.

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