Monday, 1 October 2012

Monday Makes!

Today was going to be the start of my crocheting! However, between one thing or another, I have yet to actually pick up any wool.....I was hoping to start small, on a granny square pattern that the wifey gave me (the Wiggy wifey, I have two now, haha!) on " Crochet" (How to Crochet a Granny Square). I have soooo many different colours of wool to pick from thanks to me not attempting any of the projects so far from the four "Let's Get Crafting! Knit and Crochet" magazines I have lying around the house....Couldn't decide what colours I wanted my first granny square to be, so I've gone for FVRG colours ;)

I'm also planning on making another batch of the butternut squash and garlic soup I made a few weeks back. This soup turned out so well considering it was my first attempt, and it was so yummy! Hopefully this time, my mum will actually get to try some of

I think that's a pretty good aim for the week, considering I have a busy week ahead and I'm not too great with weekly planner has died a little inside, so much to do!

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