Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Derby Round Up

Last night was an.....ok session for me. Lots of recycling and kill boxing. And frustration....

For some reason, I was extra fouly last night. I heard a few of the girls say the same thing, but still, it makes me feel like I'm losing it. After scrims on Friday, I was on a high - I only got sent to the bin twice and got best jammer for my team! :) But last night almost sucked all that away. I'm not usually bad with fouls. My main problem is my forearms and elbows, but lately I've been keeping those minors down. Last night I got a major for clockwise blocking, WTF! I've never got one of those before....I know I probably don't give as much at training as I should - it's not a realistic situation for me, I can't seem to get my brain to register that I need to treat training as I do scrims.

When I was the person on the outside of our wall, and I got to knock the jammer out of bounds, I felt a little better - I was pretty much knocking the jammer out with one hit. The running back to the wall wasn't so great, but I got great advice - positionally block the jammer all the way back to the wall, EXCELLENT! Worked a treat. So at least I can say I learned something, lol.

Our very last drill was....meh. I recycled a little, switching positions to help the wall. But as jammer, I felt useless. It wasn't necessarily a jammer drill, but I like to try and it feels good to break through a strong wall. Not that I think I'll ever be picked to jam in a bout. Which reminds me, try outs are on Friday.....

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