Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Ramble - BOOTCAMP!!

The awesomeness that was the ARRG Bootcamp finally arrived on Saturday!

Got picked up by the lovely Monkey Wench with Camelon Diaz in tow, nice and early at 7:45am, which was actually a lie in for me after being on earlies all week. Not that I got much sleep between the night before's try outs and being excited about the boot camp! :D

We got there in time for registration for the first class. Every person I knew there went to the off skates training session first whilst I headed off to the skate maintenance class. I learned so much! How to clean my bearings properly (which I don't think my mum appreciated, coming home to the pungent smell of white spirit....), how to cheaply upgrade my skates by changing the cushions (my R3's of course come with the hardest ones, nice to know there's a reason I find one foot glides on corners difficult!) and that I should probably look at getting new wheel nuts. Very educational!

Then it was on to the skating! Once we got put into our two groups, it was clear to see I was in the bottom group. I think this was decided based on our answers to how comfortable we were at transitions and backward skating, both of which I'd improved on by the time bootcamp came around, lol. Nonetheless, the drills were fun. We had a leaping dusty bluebells one which I particularly loved! Didn't love the one where we had to skate towards the pace line though....that was a little scary.
We moved on to the second skating session, and this is when tragedy struck. A girl landed awkwardly after a fall and broke her ankle. Pretty scary stuff. We took an early lunch.

After lunch, we headed into a session with Alma Geddon (<3) about training schedules. Pretty safe to say that FVRG have some impressive drills :D After discussing training sessions and drills and trying to fit them into a time frame, I'm more in awe of the girls from Sports and Training than ever. Very much appreciate their time and effort to come up with our training programmes.

Then it was back to skating. We didn't have much time left, but we ended the session practising walls. Fucking noodle, I hate you, lol.

Last but not least, scrims!! Omg, this was such much fun! I found my pivot voice! And everything seemed to click into place, better than it ever has. I was so much more aware of my tactics, and beading, and bridging, and closing that damn door! My positional blocking was good, and I even knocked a few people over, although I really need to stay on my feet after hitting someone....lol. All in all, I must have done good as I got a wee award at the end! :D

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